Privacy Policy

We adhere to the laws and private policy acts of businesses within California. All information shared with Reliable Construction and Remodeling, Inc. is kept strictly confidential within the business, and any other third party that has been authorized by Reliable Construction and Remodeling, Inc, and the individual signing. Phone numbers, addresses, financial information, etc. that we receive are to be kept securely for records, and are not given out to anyone for any purpose, unless authorized by that individual. We take the privacy of our customer’s very seriously to provide a safe and comfortable environment for everyone. If you have reached us, or given us any information that has been changed, please contact us through e-mail, or via phone number to update all current information. We want to make sure there are no missing pieces that will prevent any jobs from happening at your desired time. Any changes made to our policy will be added to this page, and will provide info on what has been changed. Thank you for choosing Reliable Construction and Remodeling, Inc. for your home improvement needs! For any other concerns or questions, please feel free to contact us in whatever form is best for you!